Join us for five days of profound transformation through your creative identity

Creative Alchemy

This 5-day retreat is a journey of profound transformation. It empowers creative minds to expand their vision and reshape their creative endeavors from within, building an enterprise that reflects their identity and is simultaneously sustainable – not just economically but physically and spiritually. The retreat is an exploration of depth, listening, self-beauty, and the pursuit of ones ultimate creative expression, offered to others through their work. To make alchemy happen, we often need to go beyond our limiting thoughts. This retreat might challenge you, but if you feel the call, nothing can stop you.

Additional Details

What we will do

Work on the purpose driving your creative work

Dive into the search for your purest expressiveness

Redefine your identity and give a voice to your creative brand

Reevaluate your offerings, from type to quality

Analyze your entire business to make it economically, physically, and spiritually sustainable

Revise and visualize your project, stepping out of your comfort zone to discover your essence and identify your clients

Visit places that open your heart, mind, and eyes, bringing life and image to your renewed creative

Who is this for

Those aiming for significant career shifts in their independent creative pursuits

Women willing to invest time and effort into making their creative projects economically, physically, and spiritually sustainable

Those ready to dedicate themselves fully to their projects

Individuals with patience and a preference for a slower-paced approach

Those eager to learn about financial aspects and willing to spend hours organizing and gaining immense clarity about their creative reality

This may not
be for you if

You are unwilling to share with other creative women

You cannot use a computer or are unwilling to learn some digital skills

You are not 100% sure about growing your creative business

You cannot attend every day of the retreat

You lack patience or are unwilling to work on it