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About This Project

Terra terra is the way we use to say that an
object or an action is done in a simple,
unpretentious, functional way and suited to our
Furthermore, “Terra”, which means earth, is the
simplified way that potters use to say clay, whatever it is, we simplify with the word “Terra”.
“Terra” also means our planet earth, the place
where we are, and we live and that we are
taking care of. From the earth, to the earth and
with the earth, this collection works on whites,
beiges, functionality, essentials and nothing
else, simple shapes and objects we needed in
our daily life and that we can use without having
to find a special place or a special moment for
them, objects that if treated with care can last
forever. Made 100% with the strength of my hands and
thus reducing the environmental impact, this
collection speaks of sustainability for and with
the earth.

These cooking bowls are the perfect solutions in the kitchen and you can find them in the size that yoy need.


Terra Terra Collection
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