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showroom opens a few times a year, e al momento sto lavorando sulla ultima collezione “Pacha”

The next opening is scheduled for September 2023, and 50% of the fundraising will be allocated to support 

del "Pacha Project" a rural ceramic development project in the Andean areas between Peru and Bolivia

Advanced molds and porcelain slipcasting - Florianopolis Brasil April 2023 

Wheel thrown porcelain - Florianopolis Brasil April 2023 

Creative mind development workshop with ceramic materials - Venice July 2023 

Private 10h wheel thrown classes - Venice Summer 2023

The Why

what moves me

I would like to share with you why this project is important to me 

In my artistic studio nothing is done for the sake of doing, and I bring to light only products and services with the aim that these will contribute to our lives, with my project I strive to leave a legacy that is based on certain values. Atelier activities are designed for people who have decided to pursue a conscious lifestyle.

 What moves me


I have a very intimate relationship with my work; I am in love with the materials I use and I am completely fascinated by the slow process of production and how it teaches, creating an ongoing dialogue with the deepest parts of me.and my students and clients. Through my art I can communicate with people because all my pieces carry a strong intention and are imbued with all that learning and process. No piece is identical to another, just as no one person is the same as another, each one is pure expression


My mission


My mission is to remember the value of life, to pay homage to the man/woman who creates, to value the process of manual, artisanal, slow and careful craftsmanship that succeeds in teaching and healing, succeeds in making people aware of their potential, and of the magic that exists in our short life story. 


My mission is to bring works and services that carry with them deep intention to help anyone who feels part of the positive human change toward returning to the essence. 






Ceramics opens deep emotions and memories, brings before our eyes what we want to transform, heal and cure. Teaching is a life purpose for me, I came here to accompany and help those who have decided to use ceramics as a means of expression and to lend a hand to those who want to make this craft a creative enterprise. I am simply serving and doing it in my own way and my purpose is to empower each of my students



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