➤Hello and welcome to my English podcast, The Creative Woman! This podcast is for all the creative women looking to start or enhance their creative business. In today’s episode, we’re talking about your mission as part of your purpose. Firstly, I’d love to hear how the exercise from our last episode helped you pick the projects you want to focus on. Share your thoughts with me on Instagram or via email! I know it’s tough to choose a few projects, but remember, less is often more on our creative journey! Why? Because when you put all your energy into one project, it’s more likely to succeed compared to when you invest only 10% of your energy. It’s simple maths! By investing everything there, that project is likely to soar much higher. Trust me, in achieving a successful project, doing less often means gaining more. Let me share a personal story that might resonate with some of you. At the beginning of my career, I was completely overwhelmed! I had said too many YESes and asked too few questions. I barely slept; I thought it was a waste of time. I was always in a hurry an d so busy that my friends and family stopped reaching out, fearing they’d disturb me.When I realised that this wasn’t the life I wanted, even though I was doing the job of my dreams, I found myself tangled in a web of projects, clients, and activities that consumed all my time and energy. One day, I looked at myself from the outside and asked, ‘Dani, why are you hurting yourself?’ Was August i I was making ceramic wedding favors instead of enjoying a swim at the beach? These wedding favors aren’t even part of my job or my purpose—so I ask myself what are you doing?

Two voices started arguing in my head. On one side, the rational judge said, ‘You’ve made a commitment; you can’t give up! You’d embarrass yourself; you can’t fail. You’ll ruin a wedding; there’s no way you’re not making these favors. You’ll have to work all summer on a project you don’t like, but you have to grit your teeth and finish it because there’s a wedding in November, and you can’t ruin everything!’ On the other side, the more compassionate judge said, ‘Why are you doing wedding favor with 30 degrees outside!!! Isn’t this everything you don’t like doing??? Drop everything; you’re still in time!’ Back then, it was a drama; now, I laugh! But at that time, it was a real drama. One day, I was so tired, so down and sad because I found myself occupying 90% of my time with projects and activities that didn’t excite me, so I said to myself: ‘You’re 30 years old, in the prime of your life! Now, take everything you don’t like doing and immediately stop being the cause of your suffering. Keep only what truly brings you joy and excites you.’ I started to call a lot of clients, friends, and colleagues and started saying NO, NO, I’M NOT AVAILABLE, I CAN’T, I’M SORRY BUT… wasn’t easy but it was feasible. And if I may confess—it was the best choice I could have made and also the best lesson for me and my business. You can’t imagine the happiness of having time to think, to dedicate myself to my projects, but above all, the sense of liberation…Despite disappointing everyone, I was happy, with a smile on my face. I chose myself for the first time, before others. The most beautiful thing was that despite my 100 no’s, the world kept going without me!!! No wedding failed, no association activity died, no friend was lost, and no client stopped talking to me! Everything continued but without me and I could dedicate my self just in one project that today, after 7 years, has a high impact and revenue. This personal experience highlights the importance of prioritising one’s own well-being and choosing the path that brings genuine happiness and fulfilment, even if it means saying no to things that don’t align with your true passions and mission. Today, we’re diving into discussing your mission as a creative person. You might already know which projects you want to keep, possibly discovering their significance by asking yourself, ‘Why am I doing these projects?’ Choosing projects because they’re meaningful to you is one thing, but finding a purpose that guides your decisions into the future is another. So, in this episode, let’s start exploring your mission. In our creative work, having a mission is crucial. Think of it as a combination of what you love and what the world needs. Personally, I want to use my passion to make things better for people.

Understanding our mission and the value of your artistic work involves considering what you care about and what your community truly needs. Finding a genuine mission isn’t easy. When we delve into this concept, it’s easy to get caught up in judgmental thoughts. Many creative brands build their business based on what they believe people expect from their work. My suggestion here is to listen to your true self and not the judgments of your mind. If you aim to build a unique brand with a unique voice, simply write your brand statement from your authentic self. Our aim is to align what we love doing (not what people expect us to love doing) with what our soul believes is important for others. We believe our creativity becomes most valuable when it solves problems or improves life for people. Our values guide us to create things that genuinely matter.Our mission isn’t just about us; it’s also about helping the world. It’s about answering what we want and we need.To help you find this impactful phrase that you’ll cherish and wave like a flag to the world, let’s explore how to discover your mission. It’s like finding a flag that represents your passions and the world’s needs. First, think about what you genuinely love. Jot down activities, hobbies, or topics that spark your enthusiasm. This helps identify things you love Next, consider what you believe the world needs. Think about problems or challenges around you or globally, such as environmental issues, social causes, or technological advancements or Emergencies of the soul for the world that could benefit your community Now, let’s combine these aspects. When what you love aligns with what the world needs, it creates a powerful mission..Imagine a phrase that encapsulates this—a statement that represents your passion and commitment to making the world a better place. For instance, it could be something like, ‘stimulating creativity for a sustainable future’ or ‘Empowering communities through art and innovation.’ This phrase should deeply resonate with you, symbolising the essence of your mission.

➤However, a business isn’t solely supported by a mission. It’s not just the mission driving the project; passion, profession, and calling play significant roles. We’ll explore these elements in the upcoming episodes as they collectively shape the purpose of your brand. Start working to find that phrase printed on your flag in the first step. In the upcoming episodes, we’ll delve even deeper. But Over the next two weeks you have a lot to do! write and explore the thinks you love and the think you think the word need, and bring out a powerful and inspiring phrase using your voice—the one that only you possess and that the world truly needs. I love, I believe in you, and I’ll see you in two weeks in the next episode