Enhance or expand your creative endeavors with our highly personalized courses

Wheel-throwing workshop

Immerse yourself in a journey of growth with Daniela, either online or in person. Our highly personalized courses are designed for creative women looking to enhance or expand their creative endeavors, or ceramists who want to refine their wheel-throwing technique with the use of porcelain.


Creative coaching

Our creative coaching programs are 1:1 online sessions, customized and tailored to the specific needs you encounter along your growth journey, and that can begin at any time of the year. On the other hand, the wheel-throwing workshops, held three times a year, take place in Daniela’ s small private studio, creating a completely intimate atmosphere.


Creative Alchemy Retreat

Explore also our “Creative Alchemy Retreat” a unique retreat held once a year in the beautiful and enchanting city of Venice. This program is tailored for those who want to grow their business, discover their uniqueness, and develop or establish their brand through an intensive journey with a small group of women in an intimate and
familial atmosphere.